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Mahjong Deluxe Classic

Fans of puzzles will be delighted with the new game. Mahjong Deluxe Classic has everything to capture the player’s attention and give them a good mood and relaxation. Discover the secrets of Chinese traditional games and hone your skills by looking for identical tiles.

See a field with a variety of elements arranged in several levels. At the beginning of the game, the participant can choose a level with an arrangement in different combinations. The design of the tiles determines the difficulty of the task. Find identical images and click on them. A pair of identical bars will disappear from the field and open access to the tiles below or to the side. Only those elements that are on top and open to the right or left are available for pairing.

A timer counts the time on the screen. The more time is left, the more points the player will get on their account. If there are no moves available, use the hint. A pair of identical images will be highlighted on the screen. In a difficult situation, you can use the option to shuffle the game elements. The design will remain the same, but the location of the images will change.

Train your attention and memory, improve your ability to concentrate on the task. Relax by looking for pairs of identical tiles. The puzzle will be interesting for both adult players and children.