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Candy Mahjong

Candy Mahjong is quite simple. Firstly, here, instead of hieroglyphs, there are sweets that are easy to recognize, and secondly, a lot of time is given to go through each level. The cards in the mahjong candy game are stacked on top of each other like in solitaire. For a card to be used, it must be opened at least on one side, otherwise it is locked and you must first look for a way to remove the cards next to it.
Let’s start to play!

Especially for lovers of sweets, we have prepared a unique candy mahjong. Thanks to this game, you will be transported to the wonderful world of sweets, marmalades and cakes. You will have to watch not only the bones, which depict all kinds of sweets, but also the time allotted to complete the level.

Understanding the rules of the game is not difficult, it is enough to carefully study the sweet placers on the playing field, and then find the same sweet goodies among them. However, you need to be vigilant, because the sweets should not only have the same shape, but also the color. Once you click on them, the bones will disappear. The main goal is to remove all the rectangles while making as few mistakes as possible. Keep an eye on the time, because if you fail to destroy the dice in the allotted number of minutes, then the round will end with your failure. The faster you can solve mahjong, the more points you get.

The game is perfect not only for adults, but also for children. It develops memory, fine motor skills and attention. Thanks to Candy Mahjong, the child will be able to become more assiduous, which is especially important for schoolchildren. We offer not only to have fun with sweet mahjong, but also to improve cognitive skills.