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Mahjong Fortuna 2

Try your luck with this online Mahjong Fortuna 2 game. When if not now? All you need to do is find the same tiles of Fortune before your time runs out. And collect the same pieces to remove them from the playing field. The more and faster you collect the tiles, the faster you will come to the game and get the best results.

Previously, we have already posted the first version of this game, the page from which was visited by a large number of players. So we decided to post a sequel. This time you have a more complex “zodiac” mahjong. Despite the fact that the rules have not changed, the graphic component has been redesigned.

A colorful and bright game awaits you in which you need to make pairs of identical pictures. The first levels may seem a little simple to you, however, we hasten to assure you that the further you advance, the more difficult the rounds will become. Fully focus on the gameplay, make every effort to make profitable combinations and get as many reward points as possible.

Remember also that the time allotted to complete the round is limited, so you will have to make decisions quickly. Select game elements with two identical pictures by marking them with the left mouse button and remove them from the field. As soon as the screen is completely cleared of tiles, you can go to the next stage.