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Mahjong Combi

The best mahjong games are free to play with us. Here we want to introduce you the super new game called Mahjong Combi. Your aim will be to match two identical tiles and clear the playing field. In Mahjong Combi, you can increase your score by clearing the same type of tiles in a row.
The game will be super for those who have played the different versions of mahjong earlier. So throw away your duties for later and relax with the help of this game.

You are on a page with an exciting Chinese logic game, which is very popular all over the world. Do not confuse this version with the classic one, we invite you to play its modern interpretation. This time, the tiles are slightly tilted, so you need to think carefully about the sequence of moves, because mistakes can lead to loss.

Find tiles with the same hieroglyphs and remove them from the playing field. However, it must be remembered that you can only click on free tiles that are not covered at the top or side. Remember that your skills as a strategist are important in the game, think over your decisions and make winning combinations of tiles. If you choose the wrong strategy, you may end up with several chips with different pictures. Show how developed your logical thinking is.

If you notice a couple with the same pictures, do not rush to choose it, better think, maybe there is a better option. After a long passage of the game, it may be difficult to find identical drawings. We advise you to press the pause button and rest, after a short break you will be able to continue solving the puzzle again without experiencing any difficulties.