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Midas Mahjong

On our website you can play the Midas Mahjong for free. Here you can see the tiles that are combined in the shape of turtle. You can click on any free tiles to select them and match them to other free tiles with the same image to remove them from the playing board. By the way, in this version of the game you have 10 minutes to win the level.

Here is one of the classic versions of mahjong, which has nice animation and colors. On the screen you will see the bones laid out in the form of a pyramid or “turtle”. At the top is a line that displays the amount of time left, the points scored, and the remaining tips. If you are not familiar with the rules of the game, then click on the question mark.

During the entire gameplay, you can watch the falling sakura leaves and enjoy the soothing oriental melodies. Midas Mahjong game will be appreciated by fans of complex puzzles, over which you need to smash your head. When going through a round, you must always remember that time is limited, so you should not mindlessly click on random tiles. Mistakes can take precious seconds from you. Think over each subsequent move and train your mindfulness with this version of mahjong.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, when the screen does not show possible ways to make combinations of tiles, then use the hint. However, it will take away your reward points. For players who want to achieve a personal best, we advise you to press pause whenever it seems that you will not be able to solve the puzzle. And after a short break, start playing again.