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Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes

New 3D Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes. The game hasn’t been so amazing before!
Combine two identical tiles to remove them from the playing field. Tiles will be unblocked if they have free area on the left or right sides. Be very attentive, because this game has special time limits. During 15 minutes you should have as many points as possible, so be quickly and observant.

This version of an ancient Chinese game has been redesigned in a modern way. Each of the three levels contains a certain number of white rectangles. In the middle of each of them is an image. The main goal of the game is to find a similar drawing on the field. The round will end as soon as all pairs of identical rectangles disappear from the screen.

However, this game has one difference from the classic version, it is three-dimensional. You can rotate the playing field 360 degrees, which makes the puzzle gameplay even more convenient and exciting. It is also important to remember that you cannot click on tiles that are blocked by other rectangles. The cube must have at least two free sides.

Another nuance that you need to pay attention to is time. In this version, it is limited, so you have to concentrate as much as possible and not be distracted. If the allotted time for passing the round expires, you will have to start all over again. Do your best to complete as many levels as possible before the timer runs out.