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Free War Mahjong

A new type of mahjong game, where you have to click on the same pictures to remote them.
Free War Mahjong is an unusual version of the classic Asian puzzle game. There are tiles here, but not dots and flowers are depicted on it, but frightening objects: bombs, pistols, military aircraft and many other. To see the arsenal in more detail, the game window is given on full screen.

We present you mahjong for real men, as it is made in militarism style. The symbols on the tiles correspond to the military theme. You will see a variety of ammunition, equipment, small guns and uniforms.

To pass the level, you must fulfill a simple condition: destroy all the rectangles from the playing field. To do this, simply find pairs with the same drawings, and then click on them with the mouse. Marked tiles will immediately free up space and bring you reward points.

The arrangement of tiles in this version is classic, that is, in several layers. As soon as you remove the tiles, others blocked earlier will take their place. Destroy the bones to see how the background image changes. If, however, you have difficulty solving the puzzle, then use the hints that will highlight the paired pictures. However, it must be remembered that the number of hints is limited, so resort to their help only in the most extreme cases.