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Defi Mahjong

If you want to win, match the same tiles and get rewards. Defi Mahjong is a traditional game for adults and kids that will not only be a great fun, but also an opportunity to improve your skills. Simple tasks do not require special knowledge. Click on the button and dive into the world of traditional Chinese puzzles.

The player will see a field with playing pieces. Each element has a picture on it: hieroglyphs, bamboo stick symbols, images of birds and dragons, and combinations of circles. The tiles are arranged in several levels. The player’s task is to pair the cubes to free up the playing field.

You can also pair special tiles, i.e. those that are highlighted in a different color and have a similar theme, such as flowers or seasons. Click on identical tiles that are open on the right or left and are on top. As soon as the top tiles disappear, the elements below them will open.

For each successful move, the player receives whites on the account. The number of whites increases if the player pairs tiles of the same category in a row.
Demonstrate the ability to focus on the task, quickly find similar elements, improve spatial thinking and visual memory. The game gives you peace of mind and the opportunity to relax.