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Mahjong Black White 2 Untimed

Mahjong game Black White 2 Untimed was created especially for those who love Mahjong games, but have already tired of the usual versions and layouts that are familiar to everyone.
In this game you will find Black White Mahjong tiles that need to be connected with the same symbol and then they will be removed from your playing field. For example: connect a bunny with a bunny, Chinese characters with the same other Chinese characters, etc. Clear all the tiles on your playing field you will come to the next level.
There will also be additional tasks, you will see tiles with different seasons of the year which you can connect with each other and there will also be different types of flowers that you can also connect.
The game is quite complex, therefore, it requires attention, the thoughts are not to be distracted by anything extraneous.
We wish you good luck in passing the game.