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Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected

An interesting traditional board game with tiles has now been given a completely different theme. Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected has an image of the famous Gorillas band instead of the Chinese character design.

The cubes on the board are arranged in columns. The player’s task is to click on the elements that have the same patterns and are located next to each other. It can be two or more segments. They disappear, and the rest of the cubes go down. Thus, if additional combinations appear, they automatically disappear. Carefully consider the location of the tiles to predict the most profitable move. Each successful move brings the participant a deposit to their account.

When all available options are selected, use the hints. The next pair or combination of several elements will be highlighted. Use a bomb to destroy the cubes.
The dice will have images of the main characters, windmills, helicopters, and more. The theme will appeal to anyone who was interested in the band’s work or wants to get to know them.

The game allows you not only to relax and get away from everyday activities but also to train your visual memory, thinking, and concentration skills. Try to set your own record by completing all levels as quickly as possible and get a record number of points.