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Mahjong Fruits & Vegetables

Search, match, win. That’s the algorithm of Mahjong Fruits & Vegetables, which is sure to attract attention for a long time. With interesting tasks and rich color graphics, you can only relax and sharpen your mind.

Take a close look at the tiles on the board. Each of them has images of fruits and berries. The player’s task is to find two identical ones. Click on identical cubes and they will disappear from the field. You can only connect those elements between which you can draw a line with no more than three turns.
The task will become more complicated with each subsequent level. As soon as a pair of tiles disappears, others will move to their place or move around the perimeter or move up and down.

If you want to challenge your mind, choose the marathon. Complete as many levels as possible. The game will end when there are no more moves available. Earn extra lives, which means the ability to shuffle the cubes by filling the scale.

Organize competitions with your friends. At the end of the game, you can compare the achievements of each player. Set your own record and try to beat it.
Choose a rhythm that suits you. The game is not limited by a timer, so you can carefully examine all the tiles. Improve your memory, concentration, and spatial thinking. Relax and enjoy interesting puzzles and colorful design.