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Mahjong Connect Remastered

It is interesting when traditional games are improved and updated. Mahjong Connect Remastered falls into that category. The classic Chinese board game has changed a bit and become even more interesting.

In front of the player is a field with tiles depicting different characters and symbols. The player, by matching pairs of identical tiles, has to clear the playing field. If the tiles disappear, the upper segments go down. You can connect two identical tiles that are next to each other regardless of their location on the board, or those that can be connected by a straight line with no more than two corners. The game ends when all the pairs are connected or when the allotted time has expired.

A timer is set on the screen. The time increases with each successful move. Use the hints if necessary. Available identical pairs of tiles will be highlighted. The shuffle option will help to solve all the tiles if there are no possible moves. The participant can keep track of the timer on the screen, as well as the number of points earned.

Train your visual memory, demonstrate your ability to concentrate on small elements, and develop perseverance. Mahjong Connect Remastered will help you relax, unwind, and enjoy your free time.