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Mahjong Towers

The game Mahjong Towers is a classic version of mahjong solitaire with good eye-pleasing graphics, with clear drawings on the dice and pleasant gameplay that will delight you for free basis. Game rules of the Mahjong Towers online are practically having no difference from the rules of classic mahjong solitaire.

All you need to do is to remove from the playing field the bones that laid out on it, and you will be able to only remove the same and unblocked tiles by other. This game has a large selection of layouts, for example there are different types of emoticons, many symbols, the zodiac signs, there are even some well-known buildings. And you can choose the one that you like the most.
There may be one hint, 2 or more, and after all, if you are at a dead end, then you can use them or select the shuffle button if it is in your game. It is necessary for removing dice from the playing field. Moreover, points are awarded to the player, and the faster you remove the next pair, the more bonuses you will receive. The power of the Mahjong Towers zones is built-in an interesting feature; you can create layouts on the site by yourself.

The game is perfectly suits for any player with different skill levels to play. Therefore, always pay close attention to this and remember that you can choose any difficulty level because there are such types of Mahjong Towers, where you can start either from the initial level which will contain the rules or can you play as an advanced player.

We offer you to spend time playing Mahjong Towers online games completely free of charge and without registration.