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Merge Mahjong

A real puzzle of mysterious symbols and images awaits players. Test your attentiveness, ability to concentrate, and train your thinking while playing Merge Mahjong. Players will find an interesting task and colorful graphics.

On the screen in front of the participant is a playing field with nine squares. One of them already has a tile with a symbol. The player’s task is to place the following elements, which are fed from the conveyor, on the playing field. Stack them so that they form a combination of three or more elements connected by at least one side. This combination will disappear and add points to the score, as well as replenish the scale. When the scale reaches the edge, the participant moves to the next level.

If all segments are occupied by cubes, the game is over and you have to start over. For a successful game, the participant receives a reward in the form of gold bars or additional chances to complete the game.

To win quickly, choose the place for the segment as carefully as possible. Look through the following images and think of a winning combination. Use not only your attention and wit, but also your spatial thinking. Leave your daily routine out of the game. Relax with an interesting puzzle.