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Flowers Mahjong

The game Flowers Mahjong consists of several levels (10 levels), with each of them the complexity of the game increases. The task is to connect matching flowers and cover the entire board to solve each level. In every next level you will see more and more flowers of different colors. Be very attentive, you have to fill all cells to make pair of flowers and you will see the amazing flower blossom on your playing field.

This mahjong is a real work of art, we are sure that lovers of beautiful pictures and music will appreciate its graphics. A simple yet addictive puzzle game filled with bright colors, fresh gameplay and a modern design that has been crafted to the smallest detail. You just need to select two rectangles that are on the same horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. At the same time, two identical hieroglyphs must be depicted on them.

In addition to being able to enjoy the magnificent flower patterns of Mahjong Flowers, you can also practice solving logic problems. There are only 50 levels in the game, if the first ones are perfect for beginners, then the last ones can only be completed by experienced players. The most important thing is to be attentive and smart.

A great way to develop logic and quickly find a way out in situations where it would seem impossible. Hold on as long as possible, then a good result is guaranteed to you. Connect all paired tiles correctly to complete the round with success. Pass all the tests and prove your insight.