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Mahjong Dimensions

A long time ago, Mahjong was a Chinese game, using dice for 4 players, this game was widespread in China, Japan and other eastern countries. Now, this game is becoming more and more popular all over the world and, accordingly, its popularity is growing in our time. Many types have appeared of Mahjong games that you can play online or download and you do not need four players for this game. The conditions have changed, now you and your computer or phone only need for Mahjong game.

New Mahjong Dimension this is a completely new Mahjong game unlike all the others. After all, in this game you will have unusual tiles, they will be in the form of small cubes. So, this game will be not in 2D, but in 3D.
ow there are different versions of even this new online version of Mahjong. For example: Black and White Dimensions, Mahjong Dimension 15 minutes, Mahjong 3D Cube, Mahjong Dark Dimensions more time (where you will see different unusual and magic images on the tiles), there are also games specially for children, where different goodies and sweets will be depicted on 3D cubes.

Most often, all these games are accompanied by music, sometimes it is funny or relaxing, calming and sometimes really unusual and cosmic one. It all depends on your taste and your preferences.
You should not forget that this is three-dimensional Mahjong game, so all the tiles that are now in the form of cubes. And it can be rotated by pressing the left or right button, so you will see them from all sides.

And believe us, you have definitely not met yet such an unusual game of Mahjong. This is a new improved game, that is too tough for everyone, so pay your close attention and play it on our website.