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Microsoft Mahjong

You haven’t seen such amazing Microsoft Mahjong game before on this website! Here you can choose the theme of the game that you want to play, and it can be the underwater world, space or the beautiful garden. Also the game is great for both beginners and advanced users, because at the beginning of the game you can choose the training mode. If you haven’t been familiar with this game before you can learn all the rules of Mahjong right now.
Are you tired of usual layout of mahjong, want to choose the level of difficulty and the layout that you like the best? Here you can choose any of them: Tri Peaks, Crown, Turtle and many others.
It was also marked that you will have daily tasks that you can perform. So faster start to play the game and become a real winner.

We offer you mahjong from the world famous company “Microsoft”. This version of the oriental logic game has its own characteristics that distinguish it from other interpretations of mahjong. These include not only colorful graphics, pleasant musical accompaniment, but also spectacular animations. And in order not to lose this mahjong, we advise you to bookmark the page and be able to return to the game at any time.

Microsoft has managed to create a unique gaming universe of its kind. In Microsoft Mahjong you will find a large number of levels, completely in Russian, with hints and an improved system for canceling your decision. You can choose the difficulty, remove time limits, and change the background images and types of tiles. The game works online, so every day you will find interesting tasks that give a certain number of points. Collect as many of them as possible to compete with other players for a month. However, it is important to remember that in guest mode, the game does not save progress, to fix this, it is enough to link your Microsoft account.

The rules of the game have hardly changed. You can specify the desired difficulty mode and choose one of the fourteen layouts of the bones. Next, you need to match pairs with identical images. We advise you to carefully consider your decisions and use hints and tile shuffling as little as possible.