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Mahjong Connect

This classical Mahjong Connect is a single-layer game, also called flat mahjong, where all the bones are laid out in one stage. Your task is to delete as many tiles as possible. And of course, do not forget about time, as well as the fact that there are more than one levels in the game. There are 12 levels of complexity. Be very careful during the game and if you are ready to start just press the button and have a perfect time spending.

A free browser game in which you have to find tiles that have the same pictures. The playing field can be of a wide variety of sizes, ranging from small, ideal for beginners, to huge, especially for experienced players. As soon as you click on a pair of identical tiles, they disappear from the screen. When there are no white rectangles left on the field, the round ends.

Dice in Mahjong Connect do not go on top of each other, but are arranged in one layer. Thus, you can think in advance in what sequence it is best to click on the tiles. As a rule, the search for identical pictures starts from the outside of the playing field. After that, you can move to the dice located inside the figure. There is no strategy that can be applied to all versions of Mahjong Connect, so each new game must be individually tailored.

It is also important to pay attention to the arrangement of tiles, for example, at some levels they can be in the form of a solid rectangle, and somewhere they form separate groups. Playing mahjong, you not only relax, but also develop your logical thinking.