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Virus Mahjong

Virus Mahjong game will be super time-spending for both adults and children. So you can play in it with all your family.
Nicely funny faces like viruses will be liked by kids. The game has time during which you should find the same virus faces and also has pause button. For every right pair you will get points that will be stars. We wish you to enjoy the game and try to get as many stars as you can.

In the modern world, it is impossible to do without patience and logic. It is these qualities that help develop oriental mahjong solitaire. We invite you to play one of the varieties of this puzzle from the Connect series. You will have to make every effort to have time to remove all the viruses from the field in a limited amount of time.

In this exciting new version of mahjong, you can test your strength in the fight against the coronavirus that causes a terrible disease. A playing field will appear on your electronic screen, which will be filled with bones depicting viruses. You need to carefully review and study the pictures in order to find two identical ones among them. After pairing, click on the tiles to destroy the evil viruses.

Remember that Mahjong Connect has its own distinctive features. So, the knuckles are located in one layer, which imposes certain restrictions. For example, you can remove tiles with the same images only if there are no obstacles on the way of the line connecting them. Relax and develop your cognitive skills at the same time in the addictive puzzle game Virus Mahjong Connect.