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Kris Mahjong 3

You will have a whole minute to collect the same tiles with the images of fruits in Kris Mahjong 3 game. Because who does not like to eat fruits, who does not like to play Mahjong games? Such people probably do not exist, so feel free to open the online game Mahjong and enjoy a wonderful pastime with your favorite game. And may luck be on your side.

If you have been looking for an interesting logic game that can take your free time for a long time, then you are on the right page. Kris Mahjong 3 is one of the fascinating puzzles, originally from China. In its traditional version, you need to pair up with hieroglyphs and other patterns in an oriental style. However, we suggest you play its modern interpretation. Here, the hieroglyphs are replaced with cute little animals. You will see pigs, sheep, deer, elephants and other animals.

Like previous versions, Kris Mahjong 3 game has time limits, however, we do not recommend paying attention to the timer often. Fully focus on the gameplay, because every mistake you make is to return the path to the unsuccessful end of the round. You need to remove all the tiles from the playing field as quickly as possible, making pairs with the same pictures between them. Kris Mahjong 3 is a Connect-type mahjong that uses the three-segment rule. That is, you can connect only those tiles between which there is a line. At the same time, it should not have more than two corners.

Don’t be afraid to use hints and shuffling to help you complete the level successfully. Test your strategy skills in Kris Mahjong 3 now.