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Patterns Link Mahjong

Feel yourself a real designer who chooses different colors to create a new amazing masterpiece!
And in our Patterns Link Mahjong game the layout will be unusual because you will see different color images of tiger skin or zebra as well as many other ones, such as marble or brick instead of ordinary images on your tiles. This Mahjong has a time for which you will have to complete the game as well as 10 incredible levels. We believe that you will cope with it and will be the new super Mahjong player.
So, do not miss your chance. Come to our website, turn on the game and spend your time with benefit. Besides, you don’t need to download anything and you don’t need to register, because the game is free and online.

If you like Chinese logic games, then this Patterns Link Mahjong will be a real find for you. In this puzzle, the classic hieroglyphic tiles are replaced with tiles with interesting patterns. For example, you can find squares with a texture of bamboo, brick or wood. What is especially convenient, the game can be opened in full screen mode.

In the first levels, you will have a deceptively simple grid of squares with different prints. You need to find as many pairs with the same patterns as possible before the time runs out. It seems that it is simple, however, the more levels you go through, the more difficult it will be to find cubes with identical images.

Since in this version of mahjong the dice are located not in the traditional “Turtle” or “Pyramid” figure, but in one layer, the rules will be slightly different. So, you will be able to remove pairs of identical cubes only if they connect without obstacles. Also, the connection line between the dies should not turn at a right angle more than 2 times. If there are no patterns on the playing field that can be paired, then all the cubes are automatically mixed.

Don’t forget about the timer at the top of the screen, as soon as the time allotted for solving the puzzle is over, the round will end. However, each of your correct pairing of images restores energy. Playing this exciting mahjong game on our website, you not only shed the negativity accumulated during everyday life, but also increase the efficiency of mental activity!