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Mahjong Connect 1

Tactical, online, free puzzle Mahjong Connect 1 game with visual music that will immerse you even more into the world of Asian culture.
On your playing field there will be tiles with a different layouts and as many as 12 levels of which you will go through. Be careful, one by one these levels will make your game’s passing more and more difficult. And if you need to leave somewhere, you just can click on the pause button and also if you do not know which step to take next, you can click the button to shuffle all the tiles. That are good bonuses, aren’t they?
Also an additional bonus in the Mahjong Connect 1 game is the button that return the last step and this is a very good bonus. Moreover, the developers have not forgotten about the certain time of passing the game, so you need to go very quickly through the levels, to act decisively and think ahead all the new moves!
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An interesting version of the popular Chinese puzzle game mahjong. Its distinguishing feature is the gravitational element. In a classic oriental puzzle, when you click on pairs of rectangles with the same hieroglyphs, they disappear, opening access to the blocked tiles. In this version, the chips that you remove from the bottom cause the top chips to fall off. This animation is not common in the Mahjong Connect series, so we advise you to pay special attention to it.

Thanks to this distinctive graphical property, the Mahjong Connect 1 game has its own difficulties. You will not be able to calculate your actions more than 2-3 moves ahead. On the other hand, the animation simplifies the gameplay, since the shedding of the entire column contributes to the formation of pairs of tiles that have become neighbors.

The rules of the game do not differ from the classic ones. You just need to look for identical bones and remove them from the field by pressing the left mouse button. At the same time, there is no need to download this game, because you can simply open it in your browser. And in order not to lose your favorite version of mahjong, we recommend that you bookmark the page and return to the game at a convenient time for you.