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Free Mahjong game

Free Mahjong is a great way to get some rest, because playing the popular Chinese solitaire is really relaxing. The rules are simple: in 10 minutes you need to disassemble the entire playing field from the cards, looking for pairs of identical ones.
This mahjong has a pleasant musical accompaniment, a pleasant appearance. Even sakura leaves fall from the twigs, making it clear that the time to complete the game is limited. Be prepared to act quickly.

In the modern world, one cannot do without logic, analytical and strategic skills, insight. It is these qualities that the Chinese mahjong puzzle can improve. Over the long centuries of its existence, the game managed to acquire a large number of different versions and interpretations. We want to introduce you to one of the classic “Shanghai” mahjong games with a timer and a limited number of hints. Play all the way from easy to hardcore levels in this addictive East Asian puzzle game.

The rules of the Free Mahjong game are as simple as possible, look for the same hieroglyphs or pictures on the field. As soon as you find an identical pair among them, then do not rush to press the left mouse button. First, analyze this move, what it will lead to, what tiles it will unlock, how many points it will bring. If you have any difficulty completing the level, you can always use the hint that highlights two tiles.