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Mahjong Classic Connect

Mahjong Classic Connect welcomes you to our website to play it completely online and for free.
Let’s start playing your favorite Mahjong Connection game with wonderful and relaxing music, that will allow you to go through levels of different difficulty even faster than always.
The goal of this game is to remove all the tiles from your playing field and you will be able to see different symbols on the tiles, such as dragons, bamboo, Chinese symbols and so on.
For each level you will receive stars’ points and of course a lot of fun. Besides, if you are stuck at any level, you can use the hints. Also, if you need to go somewhere, you can always click on the pause button, so that you can continue playing your favorite game later.
Have lots of fun with Mahjong Classic Connect!

How to play Mahjong Classic Connect

Here is one of the interpretations of the classic mahjong with modified game mechanics. On the poles are located the bones of a rectangular shape in the form of a square. You need to get rid of all the rectangles, making pairs of them.

You have a limited amount of time to complete the level, the rest of which you can see at the bottom of the screen. If you have not been able to pick up any pair before the timer runs out, then the game will end with your defeat. In this version of the Chinese puzzle, there is no saving of the achieved achievements, so after the failure, you will have to start all over again. Remember that the more levels you pass, the more difficult they become. If, however, you do not see the possible options for connecting tiles, then use the hint.

Unlike the classic Chinese puzzle, in this version, all tiles are arranged in one layer. You will have to look for pairs with the same pictures and connect them with a line, which should not have more than two corners. Also, the game has a user assistance system: hints will highlight pairs of identical tiles, and shuffling will create a new combination of tiles.