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Onet Connect Classic

Funny animals, colorful delicacies, or juicy fruits – it’s up to you to choose the theme of the game. Collect a pair of cubes with the same image and get a reward in Onet Connect Classic. Kids will be delighted with the rich color scheme, and adults will love the simple and clear rules of the game.

The player has to collect pairs of identical characters or objects. You can click only on those images that are not covered by other cubes and between them you can draw a line with one right angle. A correctly matched pair disappears from the playing field. The period is limited by the timer, so you need to find the same pictures as quickly as possible. For each successful move, the player receives points to his or her account. Bonus points can be obtained at the end of the round.

If it’s hard to concentrate, get help. Use the hint in the form of highlighting the available moves. If you run out of options, shuffling the dice will help you get out of the situation.

The player can choose the theme of the game at the beginning. The available images include funny animals, desserts, berries, and fruits.

This interesting game attracts players with simple rules and colorful graphics. Players will relax, improve their logic, intelligence, and attentiveness, and will be able to set their own game record.