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Learn more about Chinese board games, and even try playing one. Mahjong is a traditional entertainment that requires maximum concentration and ingenuity. Use your logical thinking and win.

The player can choose any variant of the arrangement of the dice on the playing field. The elements are arranged in several levels in the form of various animals, plants, zodiac signs, and other themes. You can also choose a design on the dice and find out the meaning of each sign, image, or hieroglyph.

The goal of the game is to disassemble all the dice and clear the board. To do this, you need to find two segments with the same symbols and click on them. If the choice is correct, the pair will disappear and reveal the next elements. It is important to choose only the bars that are located at the extremes of their level.
When all possible pairs are found, you can use hints, for example, to highlight the available options. If there are no moves, shuffle the tiles using the appropriate option.

Develop your logic, mindfulness, and concentration skills by playing a traditional Chinese game. Simple rules, variety of design, shape, and background of the playing field attracts both young users and adults.