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Mahjong Chain Classic

We are pleased to present you the best version of the Mahjong game, that is Mahjong Chain Classic, in which there are 12 difficulty levels.
On your playing field there will be a layout in the form of a square on which different symbols will be depicted, also you will find different hieroglyphs, circles, bamboo and everything else. Be careful, you will have a limited time for completing this game. But the real players are never afraid to go through even such a difficult game, even if it is tough, right? Remember, that you will also have hints at the bottom line of the screen, thanks to which you can complete the game if you stopped for some second and do not know which tiles you can connect next.
Do not wait for a long time and dive into this game online and for free.

This is one version of the classic East Asian mahjong puzzle. In it you have to remove plates with the same images in a limited time. By playing Mahjong Chain Classic, you train your memory, improve your strategist skills, and learn how to react quickly. It’s not easy to focus on the gameplay, knowing that the time to solve the puzzle is getting shorter and shorter. However, we invite you to test your cognitive skills and test your ability to think logically.

The bones in this game are arranged in one layer, which distinguishes this version of mahjong from the classic one. However, do not think that this simplifies the gameplay. You will have a certain amount of time, which will decrease if you make a mistake. However, you can pause the game to catch your breath, and all the rectangles will be turned face down.

In total, there are twelve levels in Mahjong Chain Classic, each subsequent one will be more and more difficult than the previous one. The last round is given a small amount of time and tips. For each guessed pair you get 10 points and the more you collect them, the higher your rating will be. Take a break and enjoy playing mahjong on our site right now.