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Mahjong Connect Deluxe

Use your free time in a pleasant and interesting way. Mahjong Connect Deluxe is modeled after a Chinese board game with blocks.

The dice are arranged in rows. The player’s task is to pair the cubes so that they disappear from the field. To do this, just click on the same segments. You should choose the blocks that are next to each other or those that can be connected by a line with two corners. When the selected pair disappears, the line is shortened and the general arrangement of the symbols changes. For each successful move, the player’s account is replenished with points. In addition, you can get a reward in the form of coins.

When there are no available options left, players can use the hints. In this case, a pair of bars that can be combined will be highlighted. The game continues until the timer runs out. Among the options available to the participant is a time freeze.

The reward in the form of coins can be exchanged in the store for cubes with an original design. Rewards are available daily in the form of replenishing hints, freezing time, additional coins, and other options.

Train your memory, attention, and relax while enjoying the original design of the blocks. Win and set your own records in an intellectual game.