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Olimpian Mahjong

If active sports aren’t your thing, don’t give up. Play Olimpian Mahjong and conquer the Winter Olympics. A game with simple rules is sure to be a great choice when you have a free minute and a desire to break away from your daily routine.

On the field in front of the player are cubes with native images. The theme of the pictures demonstrates a variety of winter sports in which Olympic athletes compete. Click the mouse button on identical pictures and they will disappear. You can connect only those pictures that are not covered and are free on the right or left. The level is completed when no tiles remain on the field.

On the screen, the player can track the level of the game, the number of points earned, and the number of tiles left to connect. The number of available moves is also indicated separately. When all possible pairs are matched, use the hint or the option to shift the dice. The game ends if there are no identical dice available.

Memorize the locations, concentrate on the images and match identical symbols as quickly as possible. Searching for identical images helps to distract from the usual things and relax. Go through level after level and victory is in your hands.