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Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong

This is a classic Chinese style Mahjong game. Before starting the game, you can choose which level you want to play the levels for children or Shanghai levels.
The Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong game is presented on a dark background, with classic tiles that depict bamboo, birds, different circles and hieroglyphs.
Connect two identical and open tiles to complete the whole game. Good luck.

Mahjong is the oldest East Asian board game. The shifting of the bones made it possible to think over the ways in which the goal could be achieved. Also, the game allowed to achieve inner harmony and stabilize their feelings and thoughts. Thousands of years ago, in China, mahjong was very popular among all segments of the population. Now, in the age of computer technology, it is not necessary to draw hieroglyphs on the knuckles and put them in a pyramid. On this page we place the traditional version of Shanghai mahjong and invite you to try it. Check how your logical thinking is developed.

How to play Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong

The rules of the game are extremely simple. On the playing field there are dice, which depict various hieroglyphs or drawings in oriental style. Together they make up a pyramid or “turtle”. You need to make pairs of tiles with the same pattern and destroy them from the field by pressing the left mouse button. Remember that at least one of the large sides of the tile must be free, that is, not in contact with other side faces. Otherwise, it will be unclickable.

In this version, you have no time limit, so you can think carefully and take your time, in fear that the timer will run out soon. Especially for children, the game has a special, simplified mode. Thanks to the children’s mahjong, little players will be able to become more attentive and diligent.