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Mahjong Dragon Shanghai

Challenge your mind. The new Mahjong Dragon Shanghai online puzzle game is the perfect way to have fun and get away from your usual activities. The unique oriental theme gives you peace and tranquility.

There are tiles with different patterns on the playing field. Match two identical images to remove them from the game. To do this, just click on both tiles. Use only those cubes that are not covered by others and are freely accessible from the right or left.

In addition to such patterns as hieroglyphs, symbols, dots, the tiles also contain images of flowers and seasons. Combine such elements according to the thematic principle.

Complete the level and unlock the next one. Keep track of your achievements in the Results section. Compare the score for a specific period and for the entire game. Use the hint. Whenever you need it. Remember that you need to pay for it with points from your account. The screen also shows the number of available moves.
Concentrate on the images and improve your mindfulness by completing simple and straightforward tasks. Vivid graphics and pleasant music will take you to the eastern countries. With this game, relaxation is guaranteed.