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Animals Connect 3

We all loves animals, is not it? But have you ever played Animals Connect Mahjong 3 online? If your answer will be “no”, just do not lose your chance and let’s get to know this game. And if you say “yes”, also do not waste your time and quickly press “start” button! Choose any level with lovely animals, watch your scores and look on time, and you will be the best player, we assure you!

Previously, we have already posted a similar version of mahjong, where instead of traditional hieroglyphs, cute animals are depicted on the plates. If you are tired of the classic graphics of “Shanghai Mahjong”, then feel free to run this game and start getting acquainted with funny virtual animals.
If you think that because of the children’s graphics the game will be simple, then you are mistaken. Yes, even small players can pass the first levels, however, the further you move through the game, the more difficult it becomes. With each new round, the number of tiles increases, and the time allotted for solving the puzzle is sorely lacking.
Since this mahjong is of the Connect type, all the tiles are located in one layer. You need to look for pairs with the same pictures and connect them with a line. Remember that it cannot have more than two 90 degree angles. Carefully study the playing field in order to quickly form the most winning combination and thus earn a large number of reward points.