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Mahjong Dimensions new

The ancient classic mahjong game has reached a new virtual level and has become tremendous. We offer you new Mahjong Dimensions game, in which the tiles are not rectangular, but have the shape of cubes. The pyramids of cubes can be rotated to search the edges of a pair for blocks with the same pattern on the images. Click on them and delete. The result of the level should be a complete clearing of the field. In order not to miss options, rotate the cube.

Recently, 3-D versions of mahjong have become very popular. They are more colorful than classical Chinese puzzles and spectacular. However, apart from the graphic component, such games are practically no different from Shanghai Mahjong.

To successfully complete the round, you need to look for cubes with the same images. It is important that they are next to each other and not hidden by other shapes. The complexity of the game adds a limited time during which you must pass the level. If you cannot destroy all the tiles before the timer reaches zero, you will lose. As you understand, the goal of the game is to completely remove the cubes from the playing field and get as many reward points as possible for this.

In this version of 3D mahjong, you will not be distracted by the bright background and will be able to fully concentrate on the gameplay. If you are used to the classic East Asian puzzle, then just move the flat tiles into 3D space. Because of this, not all pairs with the same pattern will be visible at once, so think carefully about your strategy. Check out how good your strategist skills are in Mahjong Dimensions new right now.