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Black and White Mahjong

You have not played Mahjong yet? What are you expecting? Quickly click on the start button and begin an amazing game, learning the World of Mahjong in all its colors!
In this game, you can change the background, you can use hints and shuffle for all the cards on the field, if you can’t find any matching tiles. Remember that you have a limited time, but do not forget to just enjoy the game!

There are a lot of varieties of mahjong, they differ not only in rules, but also in style. This time we decided to please you with the traditional Shanghai mahjong, in which the tiles are arranged in several layers. You will be immersed in a black and white puzzle game with interesting graphics.

Compared with the classic version of Chinese solitaire, this version of mahjong has one characteristic feature. White tiles can only interact with black tiles. This makes the game not only more difficult, but also exciting. Otherwise, the rules are no different from traditional mahjong. You also need to look for pairs with the same images and click on them with the mouse, thus removing them from the field.

There are no levels in Black and White Mahjong, after beating the game, it simply restarts with a different set of hieroglyphs. Remember that you have a limited amount of time to solve the puzzle, you need to remove all the pieces in just twenty minutes. If you get stuck, use a hint or pause to take a breath and think about your next move. Show off your logical thinking skills in this fun interpretation of Chinese solitaire.