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Mahjong Titans

This game first appeared in China several hundred years ago. It was distinguished by strict rules and for victory one should have concentration and prudence were needed.
The essence of the Mahjong Titans game process is to find a pair for the bones lying on the field. For each pair found, the player receives a certain amount of points. Without time limits and in full screen this game is super convenient, which allows you to slowly enjoy the process.

This mahjong is as close to the classic as possible, the difference is that you have no time limits. The game got its name from the styling of the background image. The color scheme is strongly reminiscent of titanium metal. Not only a minimalistic background, but also soothing music helps to relieve tension.

Rules of the Mahjong Titans

The rules of the Mahjong Titans game practically do not differ from the classic ones. You have to look for bones with the same images in order to remove them from the field. In this case, the tile will connect to another only if one of its sides is free. Also, the game has its own characteristics, for example, in Mahjong Titans there are no hints at all. The process of passing the levels will be of increased complexity, so we recommend that you first practice on easier versions of mahjong.

Tactical preparation is essential for the successful completion of the game. For example, you can immediately see several options for paired images, but some of them are blocked by other tiles. So you will first have to analyze the situation on the playing field, find the correct sequence of moves to unlock them.

What is especially nice, you can play Mahjong Titans on different electronic devices, the main thing is that they have a browser installed.