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Mahjong Balls

Super cute and fun game. Believe it or not, both adults and children will want to play it! Mahjong Bolls is a game, in which you will need to collect three balls of the same color in a row and they will be removed from the playing field. For every connection you will receive points. Drag the balls with the mouse and keep track of the time. Good luck is already in your pocket!

On our site you can find a wide variety of themed Chinese solitaire games, ranging from classic or “Shanghai” to 3D versions. This time we want to introduce you to another mahjong game, where the usual hieroglyphs are replaced by multi-colored balls.

In front of you is a square made up of tiles or bones. On each of these game elements, a ball of some shade is drawn. You need to swap them, thus forming a row of three or more identical tiles. Watch as they burst, adding reward points to you. If you create long combinations, you can get more time. Thus, the game can become endless.

If you are in a bad mood, then this game will be a great way to get rid of the blues. Enjoy interesting animations and fun musical accompaniment right now in Mahjong Balls.