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Mahjong Titans 2

Mahjong Titan 2 is a classic puzzle designed game in the traditional Shanghai style, where there is only one layout of the bones, that is a pyramid. Actually, it is universal version of this game and it is found in almost all varieties of mahjong. Main task is to complete disassembly of the mahjong pyramid. Try to clean all the tiles from the game board.

This mahjong is considered one of the most difficult, as the playing field is completely filled with white tiles with Chinese characters. If you are ready to test your intellect and insight, then feel free to launch the game and be transported to the fascinating world of oriental solitaire.

The goal of Mahjong Titans 2 is to remove all rectangles, making pairs of them, with the same image. In this version of the game, they are arranged in a pyramid that will get smaller as you mark identical tiles. Mahjong is not just a logic game, but also a great way to relieve stress, relax and enjoy nice animation.

You also need to remember that you can only remove tiles if they are open. When neighboring tiles interfere with pressing, then you will not be able to solve this puzzle. Mahjong Titans 2 is not a timed game, so you can relax and calmly match the same pairs of pictures.