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Farm Connect 2

Mahjong Farm Connect 2 opens up a new version of mahjong to us connected with fruits. Here, you can observe different fruits, also there will be berries such as strawberries and blueberries, and obviously vegetables. All you need is to connect them for a certain time and with each level the game becomes more and more interesting, and these levels as much as 9.

Another game from the Connect Mahjong series, stylized as a farm. If in the previous version you saw only one square, made up of bones with images of animals, vegetables and garden tools, then this time there will be two of them. This not only increases the difficulty of the game, so get ready that the solution to the puzzle will not be as obvious as it seems at first glance.

You need to help the farmer move along the path, passing all the levels for a certain number of points. Enjoy nice graphics, interesting style and funny animation. The rules of the game have not changed since the last part. You still have to look for pairs with the same pictures and destroy them from the field. However, remember that the line connecting the knuckles should not have more than three corners.

Each round has a clear time limit, if you do not have time to collect the number of points necessary for passing to the next round, then you will fail. Will you be able to remove all the tiles before the timer runs out? Test your skills in this exciting East Asian puzzle game.