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Mahjong Crush Saga

Once you try it, you won’t be able to put it down. Open Mahjong Crush Saga on your smartphone and enjoy funny characters, colorful design, and enchanting gameplay.
The player has a simple task – to find pairs of identical bars that disappear when combined. When the playing field is free of all segments, the player wins and moves on to the next stage. The cubes are arranged in several levels. Try to open pairs of bars from the lower levels as quickly as possible.

The game has a calming effect. Relax while spreading the dice with a nice design. Funny faces or bright colored ornaments are depicted on the surface. On the screen, the player can keep track of the timer and beat their own record. Each successful pair brings the player closer to victory and it is recorded on a special scale.

When the participant cannot find the next pair of identical pictures, you can use the hints. Possible options will be highlighted. Among the options is the ability to cancel previous moves and go back. This allows you to change the course of the game if you need to.
Train your memory, thinking and concentration skills and be sure to win.