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Simple Mahjong

Simple Mahjong, which is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.
According to the rules, the player should remove all tiles from the game table, combining them with each other, based on the same icons. Only two tiles with identical patterns can be removed in one move. The main condition that should be followed is using only tiles that are NOT closed by others. In other words, you cannot take tiles from the middle of the shape, since the neighbors close them tightly to the right and left sides.

The game lives up to its name, it’s quite simple and perfect for beginners. There are not many tiles here, so you can easily make identical pairs of them.

Each knuckle is marked with a certain pattern or hieroglyph, which has a duplicate. Your goal is to find all the same images and mark them with the mouse. As soon as you do this, the tiles will disappear from the field, and you will be one step closer to victory. If you are not yet familiar with the rules of mahjong, then here you can find a detailed interactive guide. It is presented in an easy to understand manner, which is especially important for beginners.

Here, you have the right to make mistakes, because an unsuccessful move can simply be canceled. In order not to often resort to such an opportunity, we recommend that you carefully consider your actions. Remove the top tiles first, gradually moving towards the ones on the side. Thus, you can quickly clear the playing field.