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Among Impostor Mahjong Connect

Match identical pictures and set a record. Among Impostor Mahjong Connect is an interesting game that requires maximum attention and concentration. Be attentive to details and victory is yours. Fans of the online game will meet their favorite characters.

Dice with different patterns are laid out on the playing field. Funny characters resemble the heroes of the popular online entertainment. The goal of the participant is to free the field from the tiles. Look carefully at all the pictures and find pairs of identical images as quickly as possible. Click on them with the mouse button or click on the screen. If the pair is correct, the cubes disappear.

You can only choose those elements that are adjacent to the left or right, or that can be connected by a line with no more than two corners. Each level has a timer and a corresponding period of time to complete. At the next stage, the task becomes more complicated, there are more game elements, and the time for completion increases accordingly. When the minutes are up, you need to start the level from the beginning.

For correctly matched pairs, players receive points in the form of asterisks. If a player cannot find the available moves, they can use the hint. Pairs of images will be highlighted. In a hopeless situation, use the shuffle option and continue playing.