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Beach Connect Mahjong

This colorful game will bring you a beach vacation. Beach Connect Mahjong will appeal to adults and young users. The tasks are easy and straightforward, the images are bright and colorful. Players will find not only fun but also a little training for thinking.

Vivid graphics with a beach theme will remind you of summer fun. Against the backdrop of the sea coast, the participant is faced with playing tiles in several rows. The cubes have images of marine life and plants, as well as items for relaxing on the shore. Look at funny fish, turtles, and starfish, combine shells and bamboo sticks, find sand forts or sunscreen.

To make the pictures disappear, click on the elements that can be connected by a line with two turns. You can also click on identical images on adjacent cubes.
To win, try to meet the time limit on the timer. Use the hints and win. You can see the level number and the number of points earned on the screen. The piggy bank is replenished with each successful move.

Unlock level after level and set your own game record. The game gives you the opportunity to relax and focus on the task at hand. Why not organize a competition with your friends? Beach Connect Mahjong is not only fun, but also an opportunity to test your attentiveness.