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Mahjong Dimension 7 minutes

A new 3D game is waiting in your smartphone. Mahjong Dimension 7 minutes is modeled after a traditional Chinese game with blocks.

Dice with various images are stacked in a multi-level structure. Look for the same pair, click. If the choice is correct, the elements disappear and thus open access to other cubes.

You can rotate the structure with the left and right arrows to see all the images. Cubes that are blocked on both sides cannot be selected. Try to complete as many levels as possible in the allotted time. Check the remaining seconds on the timer.

Your score can be doubled or quintupled by matching pairs of elements as quickly as possible or by selecting several pairs with the same symbols in a row. You can track the number of points you earn on the screen. Shuffle the cubes if all possible moves are exhausted – just click on the corresponding icon on the screen.

The game attracts with its original design, colorful graphics, and the opportunity to relax. Train your concentration skills, be attentive, and win by setting your own records.