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Butterfly Kyodai

Demonstrate your skills, improve your concentration and enjoy the colorful game. Butterfly Kyodai is a colorful world of butterflies that come to life right before the eyes of the players.

The objective of the game is to collect two halves of wings. The player is faced with a field with a large number of cubes with native images. To revive the butterflies and free up the playing field, you should click on two identical images. You should choose the cubes that can be connected by a straight line with no more than two right angles, or those that are located nearby.

The player should look for pairs of wings as quickly as possible, because the time is limited by the timer. When the last second is up, you have to start the game over. Each successful move adds time to the timer. Upon completion, the participant can compare the number of points earned with the previous result and set a new record. When all possible moves are completed, use the hints or click on the time freeze option.

Every day the player receives rewards in the form of bonuses, extra time, and hints. Use your points in the store to exchange them for a different playing field background and butterfly design.

Develop your wits and learn to concentrate or just relax with Butterfly Kyodai.