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Butterfly Mahjong

Online Butterfly Mahjong will suit for both kids and adults. The beautiful picture, the tiles show us the halves of these flying insects, and if you find the pair correctly, the tiles will be connected and we will see the butterfly that flies away. The faster you find the right pairs, the more butterflies flutter simultaneously over the playing field.

Mahjong is considered one of the most popular logic board games. It is widely distributed not only in China, but throughout the world. This puzzle is based on elements of dominoes and poker, and in order to emerge victorious, you need to show resourcefulness, attentiveness, and logic.

Especially for those who find it difficult to navigate in Chinese characters, we offer a version where they were replaced by images of butterflies. If in classic mahjong you just need to find rectangles with the same pictures, then in this version of the Chinese puzzle everything is much more interesting. As soon as you click on two wings that are identical to each other, they will combine and become a butterfly.

You need to make sure that the images are adjacent or that they are smoothly connected by a line. Your task is to release as many butterflies as possible in the allotted time. You have to strain all your attentiveness and concentrate as much as possible in order to complete the level successfully.

Playing mahjong, you not only have fun, but also improve your memory. What’s special. To play Butterfly Mahjong, you don’t need to download the app. Just open it in your browser and enjoy the Asian puzzle.