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Mahjong Time

No need to download Mahjong Time game, to register, just open it and play! This mahjong game has a time limit, so try to solve the game before that time expires. The playing board is like a pyramid which has 144 blocks. You will be immersed in the classic version of the game, which will allow you to enjoy it completely.
Have a good game!

We present you a new version of everyone’s favorite oriental mahjong puzzle, namely: Mahjong Time. It is made in traditional Chinese style. In the background, you can see traditional Chinese mandalas, and the musical accompaniment has oriental motifs. However, this version has its own distinctive features.

Only 12 minutes are allotted to solve the puzzle, during which you must dismantle the entire pyramid and remove the dice from the playing field. At the same time, the developers added additional penalties. So, if you click on couples whose images do not match, you will be charged an additional fifteen seconds. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly think over moves and not make too many mistakes. Otherwise, the round will end with your failure.

It is important to understand that you can only remove tiles that do not have other details on top. If you are having difficulty finding identical bones, then there is a “Hint” or “hint” button at the top. It can be used if the situation on the field is critical. Also, you can click on the “Mix” window if you need to shuffle the tiles. However, it will also cost you twenty precious seconds. Good luck with Mahjong Time and remember that time is very limited.