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Kris Mahjong Classic

Relax and improve your skills by clicking on funny images on your smartphone or computer screen. Kris Mahjong Classic will help you to spend your free time in a fun and useful way. The task is simple and does not require special knowledge, so it will be interesting for adults and children.

There are dice in several rows on the playing field. The player has to pair the same elements in pairs. If you make a successful choice, the pictures disappear. You can click on identical cubes that are next to each other or those that can be connected by a straight line with two right angles.

The game attracts with its original graphics and simple tasks. The theme of the game will not leave you indifferent either. The tiles depict a variety of dishes, fruits, berries, and kitchen utensils.

The time is limited by the timer on the screen. Therefore, all moves should be made as quickly as possible. Successfully matched pairs of dice turn into points on the player’s account. If there are no identical elements on the playing field that can be combined, use the additional option and shuffle the images. After that, continue playing and set your own records for the number of points on your account.

Practice your visual memory, quick reaction, and take a break from your daily tedious tasks and activities.