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Farm Connect 3

The updated Mahjong Farm Connect 3 game will show you a completely new picture. Firstly, you will see the farmer and his huge farm which you can see just moving the mouse around the screen. And then you will directly go to the game itself where you will need to connect the same cards and that’s why you will be able to remove some animals from the farm. Have a good game!

We offer another variant of the popular Chinese farm style solitaire. Here you need to connect bones with the same pictures. These can be animals: cows, dogs, goats, or farm equipment such as a tractor or combine. However, keep in mind that the rules of Mahjong Connect are somewhat different from the classic ones typical for Chinese solitaire.

On the playing field you will see the bones located in one layer. As in traditional mahjong, here you need to look for the same pictures. The line connecting the dies should not have more than three bends at an angle of 90 degrees. It may seem that this is not so difficult, however, it is not so at all. The further you progress through the game, the harder the levels become.

On each round, you will find three squares made up of tiles. At the same time, each picture that is depicted on them has its own unique animation. The weather vane can spin, and the horses can beat with their hooves. It also makes the game more fun and interesting.