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Mahjong Connect 3

What could be better than spending time playing your favorite game Mahjong Connect 3? From the beginning of the game you will see an incredible map where you can see where your game will start and the final stage. It will take place near a huge fortress! If you have not played this game before, then you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the rules. Don’t miss the moment and start playing right now.

Chinese mahjong solitaire is a tool for training memory, attention and perseverance. Thanks to him, you can improve the skills of a strategist and learn to think logically. At the same time, Mahjong Connect 3 is suitable for both adults and children, because absolutely everyone can master the rules.

Everything is quite simple, you need to completely clear the field from the plates, which depict Chinese characters. Each drawing has a copy that you will have to find. Match two identical tiles to make them disappear from the screen. As soon as the background is not covered by tiles, the round will end and you can start a new one.

A pleasant atmosphere, which is created thanks to the interface and musical accompaniment in Asian style. Tune in to inner peace and relax, let go of negative situations. Also, you will find a storyline that makes the game more interesting. You need to get three unique items and use them to open the doors of the sacred Temple.