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Mahjong Alchemy

In this logic game Mahjong Alchemy, the design of the tiles is made in the form of various alchemical symbols and objects.
In the game options, it is possible to change the appearance of the pyramid that are perspective view and front view. Also you can change the shape, just pressing “deal new tileset”.
Mahjong Alchemy gives you the opportunity to learn the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone!

Mahjong, which we place on this page, is dedicated to alchemy. Everything in it corresponds to this theme, from the background to the decoration of the facades of the knuckles. You will see cones, test tubes, retort icons that are associated with the experiments of alchemists.

The game will start as soon as you choose one of the five tile layout options. Remarkably, among them there is no traditional “turtle” pyramid, which is present in almost all traditional versions of mahjong. If you find it difficult between a large number of figures, then go through all the levels sequentially. In this case, you no longer need to choose, since artificial intelligence will offer you random layouts of dice.

Otherwise, the rules for dismantling alchemical mahjong do not have any features. You also need to look for tiles with the same pattern and remove them from the field. We remind you that you can only click on tiles that have at least one large side free. Match as many of the same tiles as you can before the timer runs out.